Kyoritsu Seiki in Matsusaka City, Mie Prefecture, Japan,
specializing in manufacturing die-casting die

Opening up future with flexible mind-set

Vision of Kyoritsu Seiki


"Opening up future with flexible mind-set"

Our products are made of hard steel. Still, we expand or contract hard die freely with flexible mind-set.
We may sometimes have inflexible way of thinking, but want to grow to be internationally competitive with youthful spirit, energy and flexible mind-set.
For that purpose, we not only introduce state-of-the-art equipment to meet various needs of industry but also pursue sophistication and functional beauty with calculated manufacture all the time, reproduce grace and fineness of past masterpiece, and open up new world of die casting with infinite resolve to advance, response with soft mind-set, uncompromising fighting spirit with a goal of keeping up with the times in the true sense of the term, and unique progression.

Noboru Matsumoto, President


"We shall supply die casting products trusted by customers to create
        1. Customer satisfaction
        2. Well-being of employees, and
        3. Profit of company
to contribute to society."

Management vision

1. We will change ourselves from a manufacturer specializing in die-casting die in Japan
    into world-class die casting manufacturer.
2. We shall act keeping up with the times based on customer creed.
3. We shall realize high efficiency and high salary with transparent management and fair
4. We shall pursue quality improvement and cost reduction thoroughly.
5. We shall create happy, safe and comfortable workplace.