Kyoritsu Seiki in Matsusaka City, Mie Prefecture, Japan,
specializing in manufacturing die-casting die

Opening up future with flexible mind-set

Technology of Kyoritsu Seiki

Technology of Kyoritsu Seiki

Kyoritsu Seiki, which has its eye on the future and adapts to the new era, has introduced cutting-edge manufacturing system using advanced numerically-controlled machines.
The system allows Kyoritsu Seiki to have one of the best technology in the industry to deal with manufacturing any product now.
We strive for further improvement by challenging tasks as follows so that customers will always be satisfied.
1. Introduction of frontier technology and high-efficient machining using 3D CAD/CAM
2. High-precision die manufacturing maximizing efficiency through use of laser
    measurement or the like
3. Automatic design of die through assembling database

Process of manufacturing die in Kyoritsu Seiki

Our system of manufacturing die has integrated manufacturing processes from a process where our sales staff receive full request to processes of designing die, machining, finishing die and assembly by skilled engineers to meet wide range of requests of customers.